Rovers 18-25

Platabeen (1st Collaroy Plateau 2nd Narrabeen) Rovers meet on Sunday nights
""All eyes on us, as we lead the way"

1st Collaroy Plateau/2nd Narrabeen Rover Crew - commonly known as Platabeen Rovers - are a group based on the beautiful banks of Narrabeen Lakes on the Northern Beaches and also extremely close to Narrabeen Beach.

Our Crew loves to go outdoors and we love to camp, go on night hikes and go to the beach. We also do plenty of fun, social nights including our annual Stingy Iron Chef competition, health and physical nights such a yoga or tennis, rock climbing, ice-blocking and ice-skating, debating, putt-putt golf, other cooking activities and science and tech nights.

We are also committed to doing service, whether it’s running nights for other sections of Scouting, helping at camps, individual service as helpers or leaders in other sections or on the RRC exec, running fundraisers for charities including Bear Cottage and Indigenous Literacy Foundation, or helping out at a soup kitchen.

If you want to do a variety of stuff, then Platabeen is definitely the Crew for you!"

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